Governing Body Responsibilities

Governors work as a team. They are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education for all pupils. Raising educational standards in school is a key priority. The Full Governing Body and each sub-committee meet once a term. Each Governor also has responsibility for conducting regular monitoring visits to the School, which focus on specific areas of the School Development Plan.Our Governing Body consists of 13 members and is divided into sub-committees.

Full Governing Body


Head Teacher                      Mrs Wright

Chair                                    Jean Coombs

Vice chair                             Simon Johnson

Chair of Finance                  Simon Johnson

Child Protection/                  Jean Coombs


Inclusion                              Rachel Herod

Foundation Governor

Staff Governors                   Brian Hudson                       

Co opted Governors            Geoff Clarke

Associate Members             Luci Maguire

    Sarah Clayton   

Ex-Officio                             Rev Rachel Battershell

Parent Governors                Wendy Maguire 

                                             Lisa Jones   

LA Governor                        Paul Buckley


Curriculum & Standards

Geoff Clarke (chair), Head Teacher, Luci Maguire, Rachel Herod, Brian Hudson, Sarah Clayton

& Rev Rachel Battershell


Head Teacher, Jean Coombs, Brian Hudson, Simon Johnson (chair)

Premises with Health & Safety

Rachel Herod (chair), Head Teacher, Brian Hudson, Wendy Maguire & Paul Buckley

Staff Pay

Head Teacher, Geoff Clarke, Jean Coombs


Head Teacher, Geoff Clarke, Rev Rachel Battershell & Paul Buckley


Rev Rachel Battershell (chair), Head Teacher, Geoff Clarke, Paul Buckley & Sarah Clayton


Rev Rachel Battershell

Heads Performance

Rev Rachel Battershell, Jean Coombs

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