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Growing Together in God

Parochial School - an inclusive, inspirational school,

preparing for the future;

living, learning and growing together in God.

What if...learning

At Parochial CE Primary School we introduced the 'What if...learning' approach to teach PSHE themes through the Christian values of love, hope, respect and tolerance. 

We constantly strive to challenge our pupils to think globally, understand and appreciate themselves as individuals,

find their place in the community and reassess their attitudes towards each other.  Our topics are exciting and well received by the pupils and teachers alike. 

Look at some of the photographs of our work and the units themselves.


Summer 1 What if failure was not an option? 

At Parochial, it is our aim to support children at becoming self-assured and confident individuals, able to face challenges and overcome setbacks. 

This half-term, we will continue to challenge ourselves, finding out how to get out of the learning pit and how to become

positive, strong individuals, who are not frightened to challenge themselves and work extremely to achieve what we set our minds on. 

If you would like to find out how resilient you are, try to answer these 24 questions. 

If your score is high (70-96), your resilience is fantastic and you are already a well rounded, well motivated and positive person. 

If your score is low (24 - 40), you might need some support to start thinking positively and look for the ways to improve your resiliency and confidence.

Spring 2  What if I could see into my future?

During Spring 2, we tried to get into the swing of learning following another school closure.  We focused our minds on positive outcomes. 

We continued learning how to be resilient and how to tackle problems. 

We planned our short and long term goals and we contemplated about our futures, aspiring to achieve the best we can.  

Spring 1 What if my mind was as healthy as my body?

We have all found it difficult at home during the school closure, but we kept busy, stuck to the daily routines and persevered.  Well done, children!  We tried to learn hpw to care for our mental health ourselves and with the help of our parents/carers and school staff .  We tried to be creative during the Children's Mental Health Awareness Week.  We shared our creations in the Friday's celebration assembly - it was amazing to see the paintings, models, baked goods and all the other creative efforts. :)


Autumn 2 What if online relationships replaced face-to-face relationships?

Autumn 1 What if theme:  What if we needed to change the rules all the time?



What if topics 2020-2021

  1. What if we needed to change the rules all the time? (Autumn 1) – Topics to cover rules, relationships and safety - R1, R2 and R5
  2. What if online relationships replaced face-to-face relationships? (Autumn 2) - Topics to cover internet safety and harm, respectful relationships - R3, R4, and H2 
  3. What if my mind was as healthy as my body?  (Spring 1) – Topics to cover mental wellbeing - H1
  4. What if I could see into my future? (Spring 2) – Topics to cover healthy eating, substance misuse, exercise - H3, H4, H5 and H6
  5. What if failure was not an option?  (Summer 1) –  Careers Education (resilience, aspirations) + Mental Health and Wellbeing cont.
  6. What if money grew on trees? (Summer 2) – Living in the Wider World - Economic wellbeing and financial capability

Themed weeks:  Friendship Week (Anti-bullying), Healthy Schools Week (Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education)