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'On the Move'

This half term we will be learning all about transport and travel. We will be looking at the book 'Naughty Bus', looking at the journey he goes on and making our own version of the story. We will also be looking at our own journeys, where we have been, what we did while we were there and how we travelled there.

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The EYFS Curriculum



We will:

  • be creating story maps to retell the stories.
  • be using pictures and puppets to help us to sequence the stories. 
  • be exploring the characters in the stories including descriptions  and feelings. 
  • be attempting to write words and short sentences related to the stories using identifiable letters.  
  • creating our own stories of the naughty bus.


  • be segmenting the sounds and blending them together to read words
  • Learning new sounds and forming the letters
  • be learning to read tricky words by sight. 
  • Learning our high frequency words 


Dates for your diary



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We will:

  • counting and recognising numbers to 30 
  • Ordering Numbers to 30
  • Finding one more and one less and beginning to look at number sentences, the symbols and meanings
  • Creating number sentences using the symbols we have learnt.
  • Looking at repeating patterns  

We are also working hard to achieve our maths badges. In order to receive them we need to know our number bonds to 5 and then 10 out of order.


Remember you can watch your child's learning journey through our online journal, Tapestry.

Please follow the link above to view your child's account or even add your own observations from home.

You can upload observations from home. We would love to see some of your child's home achievements.

If you have not yet registered your e mail, please speak to a member of the Foundation Team. 

Your child is entitled to free milk up until they are 5 years old. Please click on the picture above and fill in your details.


Helping your child at home

Your child has now been given a school reading book every week on a specific day. Please try to read with your child as much as you can and then bring the book back on the same day the following week. Ask your children questions about the book and talk about the pictures with them. Ask them to discuss how the characters are feeling and why. leaving a comment in your child's reading journal helps us to know what your child has completed at home.


Every Friday, your child will get their home/school book which will contain details of what your child has learnt that week. We will also assign homework for your child to complete over the weekend.


Independent learning is a very important part of school life. Please can you encourage independence with your child by letting them get dressed by themselves, fastening buttons, pouring their own drinks, etc. 


Thank-you for your continued support

Mrs Orchard, Mrs Moss & Mrs Gordon