This term we will be exploring...


Monday - Comprehension (due in Wednesday)

Wednesday - Maths (due in Friday)

Friday - English (due in Monday)


Our Curriculum 

This term in Year Four our aim is to become fully immersed in inventors and their wonderful inventions. We will be exploring the historical, modern and magnificent creations, which we take for granted in today’s technical world.  

As scientists, pupils' will learn all about electrical circuits and test materials ability to conduct electricity. We will then put our knowledge of circuits on display by building our own circuits.

In Year 4 children will explore electricity.

  • They begin to identify items that run on electricity such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions, etc.
  • Children will learn how to construct a simple series circuit.
  • They will learn about electrical safety.
  • They will identify some conductors and insulators.
  • Children will understand that a switch opens and closes a circuit.

In Numeracy we will be converting units of measure. Children in Key Stage 2 will often need to solve word problems involving measures that require them to convert one measurement so that both measurements are in the same unit. 


In Year 3 children need to understand the relationship between units of measurement, so they need to know the following:

This knowledge then prepares them for being able to convert between units of measurement in Year 4, so if they are given the following measurements: 1400g, 600ml and 150cm they would know how to convert these into 1.4kg, 0.6 litres and 1.5m.


In Literacy this half term, we will be focusing on non-fiction text types. The biggest challenge for year four this half term is to improve their editing, written work and spelling. We will be continuing to send home the year 3/4 common exception words. Please ensure your child works hard to learn these spellings.

How can you help your child?

There are a number of games you can play at home with your child:

Media search: Using a timer, give the children x minutes to find their spelling in the newspaper of magazine. Circle them in bright colours or highlight when they have been found.