Year 5

Groovy Greeks


This half term we will be applying the story writing skills that we developed last half term to myths and legends. We will be learning all about Zeus and his quest for power to influence our own mythical tales.

Our class book this half term will be ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ Can Zeus and his crew of Olympian Gods help the main characters  to save the world from a wicked death daemon?


Monday - Grammar/Reading comprehension  (to be submitted by Wednesday).

Wednesday – Maths (to be submitted by Friday).

Friday – Writing / Reading Activity (to be submitted by Monday).  


In maths we will be working on the measures and angles, reinforcing our knowledge on acute and obtuse angles and going on to find missing angles on a straight line. Alongside this, we will be continuing to practise our skills using each of the four operations to ensure we can work quickly and efficiently to find the answers to a variety of problems.     

To help your child, please ensure that you regularly practice and test your child with their times tables. By Year 5 children should know all tables up to the 12 times table. It is always useful to practice all tables as this really helps the children with a range of maths work in school.  




Extra Practise!

It would be fantastic if all children could regularly play educational games online. Here are some great sites to try:

BBC Science Challenges

BBC Grammar Challenges

BBC Maths Challenges


Grammar Skill Games

Top Marks Maths Games

ICT Games

Even more games!



In science we will continue learning about forces.

We are going on a Greek adventure back in time, approximately 2500 years. During Spring 2 we will be looking at the Groovy Greeks. We will learn all about life in Ancient Greece including jobs, worship, pottery. We will be answering questions such as: What did the Greeks do for us? What was it like to live in Ancient Greece? What happened to them?

Our focus in RE this half term will be learning about Jesus's last days on Earth and that Christians believe Jesus restored the relationship between God and humankind. 

As part of PSHE we will be thinking about 'What if we knew how to get out of the learning pit?' This  theme will allow us to learn how to extend our active learning and deal with conflict and negative feelings.  We will try to  overcome the difficulties, solve problems, access deeper learning and celebrate our successes.



You might have already noticed that this year we are doing projects a little differently. Your child receives a 'learning log'  just before the holidays.  The tasks in the 'learning log' are due to be completed in time for the new theme so that your children come into school ready to delve into a new theme with a good basic knowledge already! 



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