Year 5

Groovy Greeks! 


 During the first half term of year 5, we will be having a go at writing diaries in the role of a variety of Greek Gods. We will be putting ourselves in the shoes of some fascinating characters such as: Zeus, Hermes, Ares and Apollo to explore their powers and discover what day to day life might have been like living on top of Mount Olympus.    

We will also continue to learn through the ‘Cracking Comprehension’ resource to unpick and understand texts, infer, deduce and summarise the main points. 


Monday - Grammar/Reading comprehension  (to be submitted by Wednesday).

Wednesday – Maths (to be submitted by Friday).

Friday – Writing / Reading Activity (to be submitted by Monday).  


This half term we will be continuing to use ‘Inspire Maths’ to look at numbers and the number system. We will begin by revising our knowledge of place value before we go on to develop our stratagies for written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be learning how to deal with complex numbers so that we can answer an arithmetic style question that comes our way, with confidence! 




Extra Practise!

It would be fantastic if all children could regularly play educational games online. Here are some great sites to try:

BBC Science Challenges

BBC Grammar Challenges

BBC Maths Challenges


Grammar Skill Games

Top Marks Maths Games

ICT Games

Even more games!



In science we will be learning about 'Materials and their properties'. 

We will be carrying out lots of practical investigations this half term in order to identify the properties of a variety of solids and liquids. We will be focusing on our investigative skills and ensuring that we are able to carry out a safe and fair test to gain reliable results!  

Our focus in RE this half term will be learning about Daniel.  We will be looking at the links between the Christian beliefs and Jewish beliefs and traditions.  We will explore our own values and beliefs.

As part of PSHE we will be thinking about 'What if all humans were the same gender?' This  theme will allow us to learn about the genders and gender stereotypes, external parts of the body and human reproduction.  Children will explore the fact that not all families are the same (one parent families, grandparents looking after the child, single sex families, foster carers, adoptive parents, etc.)  they will learn about the changes that happen in puberty and the importance of personal hygiene.



You might have already noticed that this year we are doing projects a little differently. Your child receives a 'learning log'  just before the holidays.  The tasks in the 'learning log' are due to be completed in time for the new theme so that your children come into school ready to delve into a new theme with a good basic knowledge already! 



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