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This half terms theme: The Shang Dynasty




In English this half term we will be looking at and writing a set of instructions for a delicious stir fry recipe.

Linking our art and theme lessons to literacy, we will look at newspaper reports and will write a report about the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors.

We will also use Talk for Writing to aid out story telling skills.



In maths this half term we will look at converting measurements e.g. cm to m to km, kg to g and solving word problems involving this.

We will also look at finding the area and perimeter of triangles and parallelograms and circles.

We will continue to practice using all 4 methods of calculating.

Extra Practise!

Check out the websites below and challenge yourself to some additional learning.


Log on to Mathletics and practice your maths skills - maybe even play a game against your friends. 






In theme this half term we will learn who the Ancient Shang people were, where and when they lived, using maps and atlases to locate Shang cities.

We will also learn about the role of the king, the religious beliefs and rituals of the Shang people and how oracle bones were used in divination ceremonies.

We will also look at what China is like today, including its location, culture and Chinese New Year celebrations.



As scientists we will be investigating ‘The body’. We will be going on a journey through the human body to identify how our body works and what are organs are used for.

In particular we will look at the importance of our hearts, investigating how they work and learning how to keep them as healthy as we can. 


Learning Log:

Our projects have been replaced with Learning Logs. Over the half term children have been asked to design their own stir-fry recipe, write their name in Chinese writing and research some interesting facts about The Shang Dynasty. 



Monday:- Grammar/ reading comprehension (due in Wednesday).


Wednesday: - Maths (due in Friday).


Friday: - Writing (due in Monday).