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This half terms theme: World War Two



In English this half term we will be reading ‘Carrie’s War’. We will carry out a variety of written work from this book and other stories, which are based around WW2. We will look at: diary writing, letter writing, explanation text and information text. We will link in grammar and punctuation features such as: bullet points, subjunctive mood and the correct use of colons, semi-colons and hyphens.



In maths this half term we will be learning about algebra, ratio and data handling. We will then begin revising all areas of maths, preparing ourselves for SAT’s.

Extra Practise!

Check out the websites below and challenge yourself to some additional learning.

Don't forget to play on Mathletics too.




In theme this half term we will be learning about how and why the war started, we will then look at what life was like for children during WW2.

In particular we will investigate the life of an evacuee, finding out why they were evacuated and looking at where they were sent and what happened to them once they arrived.


In science this half term we will learn to represent circuits using symbols in a diagram. We will learn about two of the most important scientific inventors in the field of electricity – Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.

Children will get the opportunity to develop their understanding of what electricity is and how to measure it. As well as conducting their own investigations,
they will get the opportunity to create their own game.



Monday:- Grammar/ reading comprehension (due in Wednesday).


Wednesday: - Maths (due in Friday).


Friday: - Writing (due in Monday).