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Digital Leaders & E-Safety @ Parochial

What are 'Digital Leaders'?

This year we have established our Digital Leaders Team. The team is made up of passionate and dedicated children from across KS2. Their aim is to take a leading role in the delivery and development of E-Safety and the computing curriculum throughout the school.


Our Digital Leaders also support our staff, pupils and families in all things computing. So far this year they have supported with the delivery of an E-Safety Parent Workshop, developed a brand new E-Safety display with practical hints and tips for students as well as supporting our classroom teachers and support staff in the technical side of our Purple Mash Computing Curriculum. 


Our Digital Leader Team 2022-23: 


Year 3: Mo Singh & Sophia 


Year 4: Layla & Blake


 Year 5: Heidi & Mahibah


 Year 6: Brooklyn & Bradley



FREE Parent Guides for Apps & Websites

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Need help with something you have seen online? 

Even when we are thinking 'SMART' when online, we still might see something that upsets us. It is important that we tell a trusted adult as soon as possible so that they can help. If it is something you and your grown-up think needs reporting, we have linked the website in the contents above. To access the website, please click 'more' from any page on our school website and you will be directed straight there. 

Useful E-Safety Weblinks for Children:

  • Youtube For KidsChild friendly version of Youtube.
  • Swiggle - Child Friendly Search Engine.
  • Report Harmful ContentIf you've experienced or witnessed harm online we can help. Report Harmful Content can help you to report harmful content online by providing up to date information on community standards and direct links to the correct reporting facilities across multiple platforms

Useful E-Safety Weblinks for Parents:

  • Parent Zone - Lots of resources about keeping your children safe online. 
  • YGAM - Gambling education & Prevention - Interesting and useful resources around supporting your children through online gambling, e.g. Lootboxes. 
  • Young Minds - Support for parents around a range of topics, including Internet Safety. 
  • Pantosaurus - Talk PANTS helps children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.
  • Digiduck Stories - A collection of five stories created to help parents and teachers educate children aged 3–7 about online safety, with accompanying teaching activities.

E-Safety Updates for Parents:

 Please see below for handouts from our previous E-Safety briefings. Keep up to date and find out when our next one is via the school newsletters. 

 2022-23 Summer Parent's Briefing.pdfDownload
 2022 - Autumn Parent's Briefing.pdfDownload
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Latest Updates: 

We recently took part in Internet Safety Day, together with UK Safer Internet. Every year group joined in to explore how we can be safer on the internet, through the book 'The Magic Window' by Amy Lockwood. Take a look at our work below!