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Growing Together in God

Please use the following websites if Tapestry is having issues: - username and password provided on Tapestry, if you need this just let us know! - a great Maths game where children can work on number bonds, doubles and halves and mental addition and subtraction. You can access for other Maths games too! - username and password provided on Tapestry, if you need this just let us know! - another place you can access free e-books - lessons added daily, please watch the 5-7 videos - a great website to keep up with what's happening in the world, you could research one aspect further and write about it! - For children working on gaining an understanding of numbers to 10, there are different episode you can watch and join in with!


Our Topic this half term is...

What's going on in Year 1?

How many continents are there? Can you name them?                                                          How many Oceans are there? Can you name them?                                                   


In English, we will focus on our Talk4Writing text ’The Snail and the Whale’. We will look at creating a non-chronological report about Whales and innovate this to create a fact file for our own sea creature. During SPaG we will focus on adding s and –es to words as well as using the –ing suffix in our writing. We will focus on writing with purpose and WOW vocab, when writing we will focus on using our Fred Fingers to Fred Talk the words we need to write.


This half term, we will focus on Addition and Subtraction to 50 as well as reviewing previous units taught during home schooling as well as moving onto the following objectives:

¨ Counting forwards and backwards to 50

¨ Counting by making 10s

¨ Tens and ones of numbers to 50

¨ Representing numbers (to 50)

¨ One more and one less

¨ Comparing objects and numbers within 50

¨ Skip counting in 2s and 5s

How you can help your child at home? Daily counting practice (forwards and backwards), skip counting in ten and two and working on number bonds to 5 and 10.


Religious Education


Our religious Education study this half term is...

Year 1 Expectations

By the end of the year, your child should have achieved the following objectives. Please ensure you read this document carefully as it will allow you to support your child at home with their home learning/homework. 

Maths - Uploaded to Tapestry on Monday due Friday.

English - Uploaded to Tapestry on Friday due Monday.

Reading books will be changed on Monday and must be returned on Friday (this is to isolate books due to Covid). 

It is essential for your child's progress that they read at home as often as possible.

Library books are changed on Wednesday

Please remember to pack your child's reading book in their book bag.  Lost or damaged books will result in a charge of £2.

Work for children who are isolating

Please use the websites below to support your child with their learning at home:   - (maths, reading and spelling) your child has been given an individual username, password and school-code. Please email if you require this.!/ (reading) (cross curricular)


This pack is available to download on

Below are some great practical ideas!

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