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Growing Together in God

Welcome to your Year 6 class page!

Mr Greenhalgh and Mrs Kennedy

Looking for some Extra Practice? 

Below are some links directly to some educational sites that children can use to practice their skills. 

Oxford Owl


BBC Science Challenges

BBC Grammar Challenges

BBC Maths Challenges


TT rockstars

Grammar Skill Games

Top Marks Maths Games

Purple Mash

ICT Games

Even more games!


Monday's homework will be a SPaG Activity. This is due on a Wednesday. All homework will be given out via Dojo. 

Monday's homework will be a Maths Activity. This is due on a Friday. All homework will be given out via Dojo. 

This terms newsletter...

This topic's Knowledge Organiser...

Hello and welcome to our Year 5 class page!

Here you can find out what we are doing in English, Maths, Science as well as find out more about our topic this term. 

We also have some links available to use to help you continue your child's learning at home. In addition to this, please read regularly with your child. If you have read, please inform either Mrs Kennedy or myself via class dojo. 

Thank you so much for all your efforts with your learning logs this term, we are looking forward to having a good look at all your hard work. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries. 


Thank you, 

Mr Greenhalgh and Mrs Kennedy


In English, we will start the term by looking at descriptive writing following on in our WW2 theme. We will be focusing on the structure and style of a writing a descriptive piece as well as extending our vocabulary to describe settings in more detail.

How you can help your child? Encourage your child to read their reading book and ask them questions about the text which they are reading. Also, please encourage your child to log on to Oxford Reading Buddy to access a wide range of reading books.


In Maths, we will be continuing our work with Fractions, looking more specifically at adding and subtracting unlike fractions where the denominators are different. We will then move onto multiplying and dividing fractions as well as finding fractions of amounts.

How you can help your child?   Practice times tables and division facts regularly. Encourage your child to log on to Sumdog and TT Rock Stars to practice their multiplication facts and battle against their friends to become a Rock Star champion.



This term our theme is WW2 (from an adult's perspective). 

This term our theme is World War 2 from an adult’s perspective. We will start by focusing on how people stayed strong and how Britain was able to remain powerful during the war. We will also explore what VE day was really like and how people celebrated the end of the war.

How you can help your child? 
Please keep asking your children what they have been learning in their theme lessons as discussion at home is very important.

 Key Questions:

  • How was Britain able to stand firm against the German threat?

  • How did people manage to   carry on normal life during the war and how do we know?

  • Why is it so difficult to be sure what life on the Home Front was really like?

  • What was VE day really like?



In Science, our topic is Humans & the circulatory system. We will look in detail at the structure and function of the heart and how this helps our body survive. We will also complete an investigation looking at how exercise can impact on heart rate. 

How you can help your child? 
Please keep asking your children what they have been learning in their science lessons as discussion at home is very important.

Religious Education

This half-term in RE, we will be exploring Exodus. We will look at the Passover and explore why the Seder Plate is an important part of the Jewish faith. 

Class Text this Term: 

Goodnight Mr. Tom

Willie Beech is evacuated to a tiny English village in the country just before the outbreak of World War II. A lonely and deprived child, he finds himself living with the reclusive, gruff old widower, Thomas Oakley. Although the two find it hard to adjust to their life together at first, they gradually develop a strong, mutual bond. Willie begins to enjoy life and make new friends in the village.

However, everything is thrown into confusion when Willie is suddenly recalled to London by his neglectful and abusive mother. After several weeks with no letter from Willie, Tom Oakley becomes concerned for his welfare and sets out to London in search of him.

Michelle Magorian's classic wartime story is a superbly written and deeply moving tale, which shows that even the most unlikely people can become exceptional parents.