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Growing Together in God

Welcome to Year 5!

Mr Greenhalgh,  Mrs Kennedy & Mrs Evans

Welcome back to school! I hope that you had a fantastic summer break. Please have a look below for some information about what is happening this term. 

Our theme this term is:    'Groovy Greeks'


In English this half term we will be looking at diary entries. We will be writing some of our own diary entries tying in with our topic work on the Ancient Greeks as well as some standalone writing activities.

Don't forget that you can go on Reading Buddies and read a variety of books at your level. You can also carry out some reading and spelling activities on  Sumdog. Watch out for the weekly competitions and challenges!



Click and expand to find out more information about our homework days. 

Grammar Hammer Homework will be set on Mondays and children should complete this in their homework books. Please upload an image of this onto Class Dojo.

Due: Wednesdays 

Big Maths Homework will be set on Wednesdays and children should complete this in their homework books. Please upload an image of this onto Class Dojo.

Due: Fridays

Writing Homework will be set on Fridays and children should complete this in their homework books. Please upload an image of this onto Class Dojo.

Due: Mondays

Autumn 1 Newsletter:

 Extra Practice!

It would be fantastic if all children could regularly play educational games online. Here are some great sites to try:

BBC Science Challenges

BBC Grammar Challenges

BBC Maths Challenges


Grammar Skill Games

Top Marks Maths Games

ICT Games

tt rockstars

Even more games!




In maths this half term we will be looking at whole numbers and the place value of numbers up to 10 million. We will also look at rounding and ordering these numbers. After this we will use all 4 methods of calculating, applying everything that we have learnt to a variety of problem solving questions and investigations

Please make sure you access Times Tables Rock Stars and Sumdog for a few minutes each day because this will really help you this half term!! 

Class Text this Term: 


"Elliot's mum is ill and his home is under threat, but a shooting star crashes to earth and changes his life forever. The star is Virgo - a young Zodiac goddess on a mission. But the pair accidentally release Thanatos, a wicked death daemon imprisoned beneath Stonehenge, and must then turn to the old Olympian gods for help. After centuries of cushy retirement on earth, are Zeus and his crew up to the task of saving the world - and solving Elliot's problems too?"


Our theme this half term is Groovy Greeks! We will be learning lots about some of the ancient Greek gods including; Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes and more! We will also be learning about what the Greeks have done for us and how they still influence our lives almost 2,500 years ago! From our democracy, to our architecture, the impact the Greeks had is still evident to this day.

Learning Logs:

Thank you for all you hard work with the Learning Logs over summer – I hope that you enjoyed doing the activities. I certainly enjoyed reading them! They were fantastic!


Key Questions: 

  • What did the Greeks do for us?
  • What was life like for people in Ancient Greece?
  • How did the religion effect their everyday life?
  • How did the Roman Empire conquer Ancient Greece?


Knowledge Organizer:


 This term, we will be focusing on materials and their properties as part of our Science work. We will be investigating keeping things cool, brighter bulbs as well as dissolving and separating mixtures. 

Key Questions:

  • Why is it useful to know a materials properties? 
  • Why is it useful to know how to keep something cool? 
  • How can we stop something from melting quicker? 


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